I am a founding member of The Inner Hub – a collective of social media managers and content creatives.

To support my websites, I offer TWO bolt-on services for businesses that want the whole package.


  • Audit and Strategy Monthly Sessions
  • Content Creation Training

Monthly Audit and Strategy

  • First, we look at what you have currently.
  • Next, we assess what’s working or not.
  • Based on the findings, we create an effective strategy.
  • Finally, at the end of each month,we look at the insights and make a new plan to involving reviewing, testing and creating for SUCCESS!


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Content Creation Training

I love Canva for creating content, and I get a lot of requests to either create content for people or to train them on how to create some content for themselves.

Book out 3hrs with me and I will show you how to create static posts for your grid, stories for your socials and bespoke content for your website, such as this Canva image!


canva logo


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